XML Solutions

XML has become a de-facto standard in the software industry. We have used XML/XSLT for modeling, transformations, interface definitions, format conversions, B2B protocols, backend integration, browser presentations and web-enabling legacy systems.

XML Applications Areas, Include:

  • Applications that require the Web client to mediate between two or more heterogeneous databases.
  • Applications that attempt to distribute a significant proportion of the processing load from the Web server to the Web client.
  • Applications that require the Web client to present different views of the same data to different users

Some examples of our capabilities Include:

  • Linking object data structures with XML
  • Preparing advanced configuration files
  • Using XML-based electronic forms
  • Supporting multi-format publishing
  • Integrating XML with Legacy formats
  • XML-based B2B e-commerce
  • Using XML in web development
  • Using XML in developing e-business applications
  • Integrating XML with ERP System

Technologies used include XML, XSLT, DOM, CSS, SOAP