System Programming

System Programming

We work at multiple levels for systems software development, like source code modifications, SDK creation, SDK/API usage and application development. We can completely architecture your product from the concept stage, or take and adapt your existing architecture to requirements. With a rigorous systems software development process following industry standard methodologies combined with full visibility into the development process, all deliverables will be on time and of high quality.

Some of the areas we specialize in systems software development are described below:

Internet Services and Component

We stay ahead of the curve on Internet infrastructure and technologies. We continuously prototype with the latest technologies including the next-generation of Web services that will enable our clients’ software to be hosted and delivered as Internet services on highly scalable, available, and secure platforms. We have the capability to work on various types of systems programming projects on Internet services and components like:

  • Web-based Payment Gateways.
  • Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Certificate Authority services.
  • Audio & Video Streaming with Scheduling and Control.
  • Net Conferencing and Collaboration.
  • Wireless to Web Services.
  • Real Time Information Feeds using Push/Pull Technologies.
  • Specialized Browser Programs.
  • Plug-ins.

Our Solution Advantage

  • Rich team experience of more than 10 plus man-years on Systems programming solutions using VC++, C, MFC, ATL COM, Win32 programming, Socket programming, ActiveX, etc.
  • Successful recent Project Implementation on developing a small footprint browser resident tool for User Interaction tracking using VC++, MFC, ActiveX, ATL COM