Document Management Solutions

Novitas DMS Document Management Solutions utilize the unique blend of leading industry document management tools to increase the productivity of the capture system and maximize the quality of the captured information.

Developed based on the latest Microsoft .NET, MS SQL server and Oracle 9i database solutions, Novitas DMS Document Management Solutions provide the perfect solution to the essential business needs for the information capture.

Novitas Document Management Solutions-At-A-Glance

Collecting data and documents

Novitas DMS simplify the connection of scanners, digital copiers and fax servers to your capture solution, and enable the collection of electronic documents and data such as office documents and e-forms.

Transforming data and documents into information

Novitas DMS provides an open, customizable platform for extracting, authenticating, classifying, indexing and validating information for storing and future retrieval of the information.

Delivering information into your business systems

Novitas DMS integrate seamlessly to your back-office management system, database or other repository, simplifying the delivery of information into your important business applications.

Novitas Document Management Solutions is the comprehensive document management tool set for capturing information from the documents increasing the business productivity and providing a business continuity solution.

Novitas DMS can be integrated seamlessly with Pension Benefit Management System to provide the complete Pension Benefit Management solutions for the satellite office operations.