Pension Benefit Management

Novitas Pension Benefit Management System is the flagship product of Pension Benefit Solutions Group. PBMS provides the complete in-house and hosted solutions for the Pension Benefit Administrators to manage even the most complex benefit plans with ease.

.NET Custom Application

Microsoft.NET development platform signals a paradigm shift in the way applications are developed for the Internet. It incorporates open standards that enable businesses to collaborate over the Internet with minimal investment.

Internet Application

Novitas provides internet application development services to clients and delivers excellent value to clients through reduced cost of internet application services via our development center with outstanding quality, reliability and customer service.

Document Management

Novitas DMS integrate seamlessly to your back-office management system, database or other repository, simplifying the delivery of information into your important business applications. Novitas DMS can be integrated seamlessly with Pension Benefit Management System to provide the complete Pension Benefit Management solutions for the satellite office operations.